This Bourbon has been skillfully crafted in a 500 Gallon Copper Pot Still, giving it a full body and complex flavors not found in other Bourbons. To be selected as a SINGLE BARREL, each barrel must be of exceptional quality and taste. Every barrel is rare, unique, and will surpass your expectations. Boone County Founder’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon has been carefully mashed, distilled, aged, and bottled in Boone County, Kentucky.


In the spirit of those who came before us…

“Made By Ghosts”


Proof | Cask strength
Appearance | Perfectly balanced colors of rich amber, copper and caramel.
Nose | Candied oak, a touch of light caramel, fig, apricot, and a whiff of freshly baked banana bread.
Taste | Toasted & Caramelized American Oak, soft winter wheat, a hint of buttery roasted peaches.
Finish | Long and smooth with hints of baked cinnamon.

Single Barrel Founder's Reserve Bourbon
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