Back in the late 1800’s, when Petersburg, Kentucky was a booming town of distillers, blacksmiths, lumbermen and farmers, it took teamwork to meet the needs of the growing community.
Lewis Loder, a Justice of the Peace and distillery bookkeeper, ran the White Hall Tavern, serving his community one glass at a time.

One of his favorite treats was serving shots of local bourbon over rich, hand turned ice cream.

We recall that moment with our Bourbon Cream blended with signature Boone County’s Small Batch Bourbon and rich alabaster cream. Pour it over ice cream or in your coffee.


In the spirit of those who came before us…

“Made By Ghosts”


Proof | 32 | ALC/VOL 16%
 | Rich alabaster cream.
Nose | Warm nutmeg and spice with a frame of creamy depth.
Taste | Soft vanilla and marshmallow with bourbon highlights. Mellow and approachable.
Finish | Butterscotch and mascarpone with light spice.

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