Duppy Rum

In the 1800s our fine Kentucky whiskey traveled by river barge down the Mississippi to be sold and bartered throughout the deep south. The barges were broken up and repurposed to create covered wagons that were filled with bartered grains and spirits that made the return trip to Boone County.

The primary spirit that traveled north was a staple of sailors and smugglers made from sugar cane molasses – RUM.

Our RUM is a combination of light and dark RUM that has been aged in our bourbon-charred oak barrels creating a unique, smooth and satisfying flavor, perfect for raising a “tot” saluting, Duppy, the ghost spirit of the Caribbean.


In the spirit of those who came before us… “Made By Ghosts”

Tasting Notes




A golden hue evoking a late-afternoon Caribbean sunset.


A balanced symphony of notes: hints of smoky oak, chocolate, praline, caramel, vanilla, and dried fruit.


Great mouthfeel, brown butter, vanilla, warm spices, and spun-sugar notes blended together.


A smooth, lingering finish, with hints of oak, spices, rounded out with a soft butterscotch sweetness.