Tanner's Curse White Whiskey – Wheated Mash

Reverend John Tanner, one of the first men to arrive in the Ohio Valley, established Tanner’s Station in Boone County, Kentucky in 1791.

The Tanner family had numerous run ins with native peoples throughout the years, most of these CURSED encounters were deadly for many of the Tanner descendants.

The Tanner’s Station name was changed to Petersburg, KY in 1818, but the legend of TANNER’S CURSE lives on.


In the spirit of those who came before us… “Made By Ghosts”

Tasting Notes




Notice a clear sparkle.


Fresh grains and a soft nutty essence from the yeast strain. You should detect a fresh cut green apple and light peppery grapefruit. Black pepper/leather/tobacco/raisin/dates/ripe peach/bing cherry/red delicious apple


A clean full-bodied flavor with white pepper and sweet cane sugar.


Well-rounded highlighted by a spicy grain finish.