Born in 1833. 
Reclaimed in 2015.

The stories of these fabled pioneers who had the courage and vision to take the helm in Petersburg are not to be forgotten or laid down quietly. They imbue their character, and that of all those souls who made Petersburg Distillery the crown jewel of Boone County, Kentucky.

The Boone County Distilling Co spirits of today take inspiration from the best of these men. The courage of Reverend John Tanner. William Snyder’s untamed creative spirit. The practical determination of Appleton, Jenkins, and Gaff. All tempered by the refined elegance invoked by Freiberg and Workum. A progression that itself mirrors the production and maturation of a fine bourbon whiskey.

Those early pioneers have long since departed, but their influence is unmistakable in our craftsmanship. That’s the promise in our brand’s ethos, “Made by Ghosts”. An example of reverence for history can be seen in the brand’s design: The “8” linking the words “Boone” and “County” reflect the original “Registered Distillery 8” designation. In these simple, honest ways, we honor those who came before us.